ONOMO Hotels group signs a strategic partnership with Universal Music Africa

Casablanca, December 2, 2020 — To promote African music and culture, ONOMO Hotels group – one of the leaders in Africa’s mid-range hotel industry – has partnered with Universal Music Africa, the African subsidiary of Universal Music Group (the world’s leading music company), thus adding to our ONOMO Africa’s Finest label. This collaboration, which came into being despite an unfavorable economic climate for the hotel and performance industries, became official on November 5, demonstrating the confidence that the two groups have in Africa, their courage and their strong desire to support the continent’s artists. This collaboration will begin in five African countries, and will see five talented artists from the continent perform on the stage at ONOMO hotels.

ONOMO Hotels and Universal Music Africa: two major players united to promote the continent’s artists

The agreement between Universal Music Africa (UMA) and ONOMO Hotels will support the African music scene, one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. Starting in November 2020, five of Africa’s most dynamic cities and capitals will welcome this musical partnership, thus ending the year on a positive note.

By associating its name with the best of the music industry through its ONOMO Africa’s Finest label, the hotel brand reaffirms its pioneering role as the first African hotel operator to offer a platform dedicated to the continent’s most prominent artists.

ONOMO Hotels, which aims to be the symbol of the best that the continent has to offer, offers artists the opportunity to benefit from exposure through its extensive network in Africa.

A first in Africa!

The result of an alliance between Universal Music Africa and the ONOMO Hotels group, this partnership boosts the reputation of the ONOMO Africa’s Finest label. Today, the establishment of this collaboration testifies to the two groups’ great confidence and deep conviction in African talent and their impact on the global stage.

The joint action between UMA and ONOMO Hotels aims, on the one hand, to generate a real artistic synergy and, on the other, to lay the foundation for lasting and exportable creativity – on both a continental and global scale.

An audacious approach in a difficult economic climate

ONOMO Hotels is the first African hotel chain to have implemented a strategic partnership with UMA. This courageous step comes at a sensitive time when the economy – particularly the performance and hotel industries – is much weakened. The two partners thus send a message of hope to artists.

“Culture is not only a source of entertainment; it is a means of uplifting spirits and strengthening people’s pride in themselves. We need culture to move forward more than ever, to create hope and stimulate creativity. Music is an integral part of our clientele’s lifestyle and will always have an important place within our group. This goes hand in hand with the unique experience we want to provide our guests, and that is truer than ever today. Bringing our guests together with the best rising talent in the market reflects our commitment to making their hotel stay a time of sharing, emotions and unique experiences. None of this would be possible without the support of a partner with a renowned reputation and undeniable savoir faire,” said Cédric Guilleminot, CEO of ONOMO Hotels.

ONOMO Hotels’ vision is, without doubt, a call to African artists. This is the reason UMA has joined forces with the ONOMO Africa’s Finest initiative, which, at the same time, allows it to strengthen its music offerings. Thanks to significant distribution of its label in Francophone Africa, UMA has contributed to the tremendous growth of the continent’s music market. “Our objective is to promote African music and artists, and the partnership signed with the ONOMO group is of the utmost importance to us. It will allow young talent to perform in ONOMO hotels in five African countries and to gain exposure,” said Franck Kacou, Managing Director of UMA.

He added, “We are very proud of this unprecedented partnership, which is completely in line with our desire to support the development of local talent across the continent. This is backed up by establishing a new platform for the music industry and its artists in a delicate global context. Creating a collaboration of this magnitude with an African group that shares our ambitions is a strong positive signal for the local music industry and a real bet on the future.”

Douala, Lomé, Dakar, Kigali and Durban kick off the party!

The two partners have chosen ONOMO hotels in Douala (Cameroon), Lomé (Togo), Dakar (Senegal), Kigali (Rwanda) and Durban (South Africa) to host several concerts. First, our Dakar location welcomed the talented Omzo Dollar on November 28 for a fantastic show that delighted connoisseurs of African music as well as newcomers to the genre. In December, three key dates are scheduled: the 10th in Kigali with Rwandan Andy Bumuntu, who is passionate about blues and jazz; then next on the 19th in Douala, where Cameroonian singer, songwriter and composer Locko will perform; and finally in Durban. Each of these musical events will showcase an artist as well as a live DJ for more variety and even more good times.

ONOMO Hotels is committed to its mission of making its hotels essential places for the promotion of African art, music and culture. At the same time, it will continue to serve as a springboard for a generation of talented artists who are dedicated to and proud of their African roots.