Our social responsibility

The ONOMO Group is committed to:

• Protecting the environment and communities where the ONOMO Group works and lives.
• Complying with applicable national and international legal requirements.
• Complying with Good International Industry Practices (GIIP).
• Respecting the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).
• Continuous improvement of the E&S (environmental & social) management and performance of the ONOMO Group.

• Having a positive impact on local communities.
• Ensuring, when relying on contractors to perform work, that their policies, especially during the project’s construction phase, comply with ONOMO E&S policies; that the contractors engaged by the ONOMO Group work in compliance with national and international regulations and laws, the fundamental ILO conventions and the GIIP; and, when discrepancies are identified, that contractors rectify them.
• Obtaining EDGE certification for selected hotels. EDGE certification from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a construction program that requires projects to achieve a 20% improvement over a benchmark average performance. IFC’s EDGE certification takes into account energy, water and the use of materials (regarding thermal insulation) and requires a 20% improvement on all criteria; in other words, credits cannot be traded between categories. For the construction of all new hotels, we rely on the latest technology and energy-efficiency systems.

Stakeholder engagement

Our stakeholder engagement strategy is designed to ensure a coordinated, comprehensive and coherent long-term approach favoring open and transparent dialogue with a panel of stakeholder groups.

Objectives of this engagement approach

• Ensure understanding by facilitating an inclusive, open and culturally appropriate approach to engagement, and by providing reliable and timely information in an accessible and transparent manner to all stakeholders, regardless of their status.
• Manage expectations and concerns by providing a mechanism that gives stakeholders the opportunity to freely give comments and feedback, and that allows ONOMO to respond to that feedback and to address concerns.
• Manage risks by building lasting relationships. This engagement allows ONOMO to understand stakeholder issues and interests, and to work with them to find mutually acceptable ways of satisfying or resolving them.
• Create value when engagement allows partnerships to develop for the mutual benefit of ONOMO and stakeholders. This includes, but is not limited to, the company’s social-investment activities. It also refers to the pursuit of mutual interest in design and operation, taking into consideration the stakeholders and seeking their interest in all hotel activities.

Community and social

We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of our communities through engagement and partnerships, and by investing in initiatives that have a lasting positive impact.

Our best asset is the ONOMO smile (our employees).
We set clear rules, covering everything from workplace harassment and whistleblowing to equal opportunities and human rights. ONOMO rules help us protect our culture and unique values, ​​while creating an exemplary work environment for all.

Business integrity

The ONOMO Group has a culture of ethical behavior, and we expect our staff to act with integrity in all their transactions related to our business.

The board has put in place an anti-corruption policy and a clear procedure for whistleblowing. Employees are expected to comply at all times. The policy applies to all staff, including directors, full-time and part-time employees, as well as consultants and independent contractors, partners and agents, all of whom are expected to be aware of and abide by this policy, to respect the terms and to keep abreast of any changes.

The ONOMO Group has zero tolerance of bribes and corruption, and will not pay or accept any bribes or kickbacks, either directly or through third parties, under any circumstance. Corruption is both a criminal offence and bad business practice. A culture of corruption discourages investment and trade, and increases the costs of doing business while being unethical. We encourage you to speak up and raise concerns about actual or suspected wrongdoing. The company will treat all such disclosures in a confidential and sensitive manner. Direct complaints and reports to the Compliance Officer, who can be contacted at compliance@ONOMOhotel.com. Note that anonymous reports can be difficult to corroborate and review.