Colorful and welcoming, Dakar is washed by spray from the Atlantic Ocean. From the top of Mamelles Lighthouse, you can admire the vast city and ocean. Are you a seafood lover? Head to the edge of Les Almadies district. Explore the beaches of Yoff or Ngor, and then Gorée Island – the tragic hub of the Atlantic slave trade. Wander around the National Gallery, the Black Africa Fundamental Institute museum and the vibrant Galerie Arte. The cathedral is worth a visit, especially for its African frescoes. The animist spirit of Dakar lives on in Marché Tilène, and Marché Kermel is equally lively and dynamic. Nature-lovers will adore Hann Park, home to all of the country’s plant species as well as a zoo. On your shopping trips, don’t miss the traditional Sandanga Market or Dakar City and Sea Plaza malls. The biennial Dak’Art contemporary art festival (June) and Dakar Fashion Week (also June) are two major events in the city that Youssou N’Dour, the famous Senegalese singer, calls home.

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