Capital of Mozambique, Maputo is a port city on the Indian Ocean. Numerous monuments attest to its Portuguese colonial past: the Central Railway Station, Main Post Office, the houses of the upscale Sommerschield neighborhood. Must-sees in the city include the Natural History Museum, Maputo Fortress, the Museum of the Revolution and the tree-lined Tunduru Botanical Gardens. The National Art Museum, which showcases contemporary Mozambican artists, is also worth a visit. To really feel the city’s pulse, stroll to the central market in Baixa, the lively lower town, and then to the fish market. To pick up a few souvenirs, head to Maputo Shopping Centre. Sunbathers, make your way to Costa do Sol and hang out in one of the many restaurants and bars overlooking the beach. In February, the Marrabenta Festival celebrates the eponymous dance music, while May is the month for Azgo international music festival.

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Elegant rooms, skybar and swimming pool: an inimitable experience in the heart of Maputo.

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